Most of my projects are personal at the moment. Below I have listed a few of my public projects, as well as descriptions of the ones that I am working on whose source code is not available.


View ColdBrewLinks website

View ColdBrewLinks on GitHub

An online web directory where I share the coolest links I discover on the web.

Jargon CLI

View Jargon CLI on GitHub

View Jargon CLI on sourcehut

A simple utility to view's Jargon of the Day every time you open your terminal.

Sourcehut Uploader

View Sourcehut Uploader on GitHub

View Sourcehut Uploader on sourcehut

Sourcehut Uploader creates a mirror of all my Git repositories to sourcehut.

Site Calculator

View Site Calculator on GitHub

View Site Calculator on sourcehut

Site Calculator calculates the size of this blog and produces the data into a report. A Sense HAT extension is available that allows me to visualize the sizes of my blog pages.

No Cruft Jekyll

View No Cruft Jekyll on GitHub

No Cruft Jekyll is a Jekyll theme based on this blog. The CSS file for this theme is 4 Kb. Every feature was designed for use on this blog with minimal cruft in mind.

Garfield CLI

View Garfield CLI on GitHub

View Garfield CLI on sourcehut

Garfield CLI is a command line interface to view the latest Garfield comics.

This Website

This website is designed to be simple and minimal; a breath of fresh air from my last bulky, over-engineered site. I have built it using HTML, CSS, and Jekyll. Like any site, this one is a work in progress. I would add an "under construction" banner to the site but that would consume prescious bandwidth.

Web Development

Available on GitHub.

Also available on sourcehut.

I like to code websites in my spare time. The last site I worked on was a site for a hypothetical coffee shop in my home town. I've also worked on the sites for my personal archive, and more.