I have recently been fascinated by the idea of having a personal API. While I am unsure exactly what a personal API could include, I think there is a lot of promise in owning a series of endpoints with which my audience can interact. For people who enjoy working with APIs, my personal API gives them more control over the data they consume on this site.

This project is a work-in-progress, but over time I hope to include new endpoints that cover various aspects of my digital life. If you have a suggestion, send it over!


Returns a description about me.


Returns a list of my blog posts.

Query parameters:

/api/blog?category=category_name (Filter by category)

/api/blog?featured=featured (Filter by featured (true/false))

/api/blog?limit=limit (Paginate response)


Returns a list of research projects on which I have worked.

Query parameters:

/api/research?category=category_name (Filter by category)

/api/research?limit=limit (Paginate response)


Returns a list of my last five Tweets from the Twitter API.

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