why I write on this blog

Published on May 22, 2020

There are many different reasons to blog.

You can blog to share your life experiences with your friends. You can blog to create a personal brand. You can blog to keep a record of what you have read.

For me, blogging is about learning. I write every day because I want to keep learning. This manifests itself in a couple of different ways.

Because I challenge myself to write every day, I need to find sources of inspiration. This has encouraged me to spend more time talking with people. I am trying to talk with as many new people as possible because those conversations are brain food. Every time I speak with someone new, I leave with at least one point that I can write about.

Writing every day also encourages me to read more. I understand that, in order to become a better writer, I need to keep writing. I also need to read as much as possible.

Reading helps me understand how other people approach writing. I can see literary techniques that other people use, and then decide whether or not they would fit in with my personal writing style. Reading also fuels me with more ideas about which I can write.

The most obvious impact of writing every day is that it helps me write better content. When I write a blog post, it may not be perfect, but I know that I am better off having written that post than having kept the idea in my mind. Blogging helps me structure my ideas, refine them, and see what does and doesn’t make sense.

This blog post was not written for anyone else’s benefit but my own. I wrote this blog post to help me solidify my thinking around why I spend so much time writing in my spare time. I now feel like I have a better idea of why I write on this blog, and that is all that matters to me.

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