new days

Published on May 4, 2020

Today is a new day.

Throughout this crisis, I have found that the idea of taking things one day at a time is crucial. Even when times are good -- and there have been many of those days for me lately -- I still don’t like to forget about how I need to focus solely on getting through each day. Tomorrow will come tomorrow, but for now, what matters is today.

When I am going through a particularly difficult day, I have another thing that I like to think about. I like to think about how today is just one day in the story of my life.

Yesterday was one of those days. I had read more of the news than I would have liked, and I allowed myself to worry about the future to an extent that made me feel uncomfortable. How I avoided spiraling was by telling myself that today is just one day.

Yesterday is now over. It is in the history books. For me, it is a memory.

While I still recall a lot of what happened yesterday, my mind is slowly losing track of the day’s events, because it is impossible for me to keep track of everything that happens.

All the troubles that I have faced have just receded into the past, and I have been granted a new day with which to work.

On particularly stressful days, my focus is on getting to the end of the day in the best state possible. That’s because, when I wake up the next day, I will have a new day, at which point I can reset my mind and start over.

I like to think of every new day as an opportunity to start over. Yesterday I ate a few biscuits before exercising, which I now know is not a good idea. So today, armed with that knowledge, I can start over, and go back into my regular routine. It’s that simple.

Believing in this principle requires that I hold a certain degree of trust in my future self, but during difficult times, I cannot do anything but trust my future self. If I am overwhelmed by something, I need to admit that I’ll likely never be able to figure everything out in one moment, or in one day. I’ll need to let my future self do some of the thinking.

I know that, if today does not go well, there is always tomorrow. Tomorrow is a blank slate from which I can work, and which I can use to improve.

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